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"Overwintering and Cold-Hardiness of Ants in the Northeast of Asia" by D.I. Berman et al. in English

Posted on 2010.11.10 at 14:25
Another book has been published in my translation, this time from Russian into English. This is the first (and to date the only) book I have translated into English — though I have already translated into Enlgish about a hundred papers for Russian scientific journals published in two languages.

The title is Overwintering and Cold-Hardiness of Ants in the Northeast of Asia ("Зимовка и холодоустойчивость муравьев на северо-востоке Азии"). The authors are D.I. Berman, A.V. Alfimov, Z.A. Zhigulskaya and A.N. Leirikh. The original Russian version was edited by Gennady Dlussky and published by KMK Scientific Press in 2007. The English version was edited by Robert Angus and published by Pensoft.

It was both an honour and a pleasure for me to translate this impressive work and to communicate in the process with two of the authors (Berman and Alfimov) and with the editor of the English version, who happens to be a fellow water-beetler — and a great one too (one of the greatest living). I am also proud that the book contains a Translator's Preface, which, I hope, is not a complete failure.


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